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Agriculture continues to be one of the staple economies in the region, and a growing number of tours are being offered for visitors.

  • South Dakota: Bison, cattle, sheep, hogs, wheat, grain, corn, sunflowers
  • Montana: Wheat, sheep, cattle, bison, trout, cashmere goats, llamas, ostriches
  • Wyoming: Wheat, sugarbeets, barley, sheep, cattle, bison, hogs
  • Idaho: Trout, hops, potatoes, sheep, cattle, wheat, forestry, grass seed, canola, apples, onions, berries

Tours can be made available for groups with special interests, and one of the primary special interests in the region is agriculture. From the vast wheat, grain and corn fields of South Dakota, to the famous potato fields of Idaho, and the grasslands of Wyoming and Montana, farmers and ranchers produce products that are traditional and high-tech. From natural beef and bison to seeds and grain to agricultural museums and displays, the region offers a good cross-section of American agriculture. Tours of trout ranches, llama ranches, and mink farms, as well as manufacturing facilities featuring new and unique value added food products.

Your agricultural tour can consist of visits to farms, fertilizer plants, country grain elevators, sale barn auctions, or any number of processing plants and mills. Visit one of the region’s many agricultural fairs and see the latest in farm machinery and farming methods, including no till planting, air drills and satellite monitored planting aids.

Contact any of the tourism departments listed on the homepage for assistance in planning your tour. Agriculture tour booklets are available from each of the respective state tourism or agriculture departments, and receptive operators are available to assist with the specifics.

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