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The Real America


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Region Features

The Real America region provides visitors several outstanding features that cannot be missed. Included in the region and detailed on this web site are features such as winter recreation, camping, the old west, outfitters, and rodeos and festivals. These pages will give you a better idea of what the area has to offer, and the wonderful opportunities that exist for visitors to the states of Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and South Dakota.

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  • The heavy-powder snow in the Real America creates conditions that are perfect for snowmobiles, snowcoaches, cross country skiing, down-hill skiing, and other wonderful Winter Activities.
  • The Rocky Mountain region is blessed with some of the most beautiful and pristine scenic areas in the country. For the hearty outdoor oriented visitor the desire to experience the basic beauty of the environment is best served by including Camping as a vital part of an overall holiday.
  • The Real America region contains literally thousands of square kilometers of rugged and spectacular terrain. From mountains to forests to rivers, plains, and desert, the landscape offers visitors the opportunity to interact with nature at it's most pristine. Although much of the land is public and easily accessible, it is also very big and very wild. The best, safest, and most rewarding way to experience the country is to engage the services of a licensed Outfitter or Guide.
  • Relaxing in front of a roaring campfire after a long day in the saddle, listening to an old cowhand coax a tune from his battered harmonica is the kind of experience most people only find while watching their favorite western movie. In the Real America, fact is truer than fiction! Nowhere in the world is there a greater concentration of guest ranches, dude ranches, lodges, outfitters and cattle drives than what you can find in this region. Experience The Old West in the Real America!
  • The Rocky Mountain West has its own unique cultural history, combining the heroic and tragic aspects of the opening of the American West, the epic movement of pioneers from east to west across a continent, the displacement of a native population, and a culture that comes from a sparse and independent populace living in vast and varied terrain. This cultural history is celebrated through Festivals and Events throughout the year, and the people in this region really know how to throw a party!




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