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Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in Rocky Mountain International.


RMI-United States
1815 Evans Avenue
P.O. Box 2169
Cheyenne, WY 82003, USA
Phone: 307-637-4977 | Fax: 307-634-5873

Chuck Box, President
Email: [email protected]

Scott Balyo, Director of Marketing
Email: [email protected]

Mathias Jung, Marketing Coordinator
Email: [email protected]

Nancy Hall, Administrator
Email: [email protected]

RMI-United Kingdom
Woodpeckers End
93 Burridge Rd.
Burridge, Southhampton, Hampshire SO31 1BY, UK
Phone: In UK Consumer Line: 09063-640655 | Fax: +44-1489-557534

Claire Blacknell, Director, UK Market
Email: [email protected]

Cheryl Sawyer, RMI Account Manager
Email: [email protected]

Target Benelux
Steynlaan 40
P.O. Box 872
3700 AW Zeist, The Netherlands
Phone:+31-30-6974322 | Fax: +31-306911620

Karin Gomes, Director, Benelux Market
Email: [email protected]

Hanny Fluit, RMI Account Manager
Email: [email protected]

Scheidswaldstrasse 73
Frankfurt/M., D-60385, Germany
Phone:+49-69-25538-230 | Fax: +49-69-25538-100

Rita Hille, Director, Wiechmann Tourism Services
Email: [email protected]

Susanne Schmitt, RMI Account Manager
Email: [email protected]

Carola Kolmann, RMI Junior Account Manager
Email: [email protected]

BP 307, 75723
Paris, Cedex 15, France
Phone:+331-48-281-208 | Fax: +331-48-280-257

Hervé Duxin, Director, French Market
Email: [email protected]

Via Carlo Pisacane, 26
Milano, 20129, Italy
Phone: +39-0233105841 | Fax: +39-0233105827

Dr. Olga Mazzoni, Director, Italy Market
Email: [email protected]


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