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For a comprehensive description of attractions throughout the Real America, please visit our region’s web sites:

Gateway Cities
The Gateway cities of the Real America include Minneapolis/St. Paul, Denver, Salt Lake City and Spokane. International travelers fly into these cities for the easiest access to the Rocky Mountain region. When you fly into one of these gateway cities, take some time to explore the city; each one is filled with its own activities, history and charm. Please visit our gateway cities web sites to see all they have to offer.

Exciting events take place year round in the Rocky Mountains. For a true taste of the west, attend a rodeo or a cattle drive. Pow wows allow you to explore the history and culture of the Native Americans. Watch International sled dog races and listen to the music of jazz festivals. Whatever your liking, you’ll find an abundance of events in the Real America! Visit the individual state’s sites for more information about events and dates.

Guest Ranches and Cattle Drives

If you want to plan a true western holiday, guest ranches and cattle drives are a must! You may ride a trail through breathtaking mountain scenery or help real cowboys move cattle to better pasture.

Guest Ranches

Some ranches are located in mountainous areas, with spectacular views and an abundance of wildlife. Ranches located in the plains and grasslands also sport abundant wildlife, and views of the vast, open prairie are truly magnificent. Activities and amenities vary on the type of ranch you choose to visit.

Cattle Drives
One of the truly unique experiences offered in the Rocky Mountain region is being able to jump in and take part in exciting activities like cattle drives. A real Western cattle drive allows you to ride the trails with experienced cowboys, moving the herd and chasing down strays. You’ll sleep out under the stars. The day’s activities are sure to build up an appetite, so meals are hearty out on the trail. Big breakfasts and western style dinners are a specialty! Contact your nearest RMI office to get more information on a one of a kind opportunity like a cattle drive or guest ranch experience.
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