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All levels of accommodations are available in the region, from distinctive B & Bs, inns and lodges, to budget motels, and many of the familiar hotels, from Ramada to Hilton, ITT Sheraton to Holiday Inn and more. Best Western, an RMI Partner, can also be found throughout the region and these can be pre-booked from the UK and Europe. For more information, visit Best Western’s web site: www.bestwestern.com.

Most other properties can be pre-booked in the UK either direct or through accommodation-only reservation companies. Voucher schemes and direct booking of regional accommodation can be made through Choice Hotels International, Days Inn, Discover America and Guest International, among others.

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The Rocky Mountain Region is blessed with some of the most beautiful and pristine scenic areas in the
world. For the outdoor-oriented visitor, the desire to experience the basic beauty of the environment is
best served by including camping as a vital part of an overall holiday!

Full Service Campgrounds
•Reservations recommended
•Rest rooms
•Hot showers
•Convenience store
•Coin laundry
•Utilities hookups
Some offer:
•Full menu cafes

National and State Parks
•Reservations not accepted
•Sites are limited
•Camping permitted in designated areas
•Camping often limited to 14 days
•Contact the Park’s visitor information office

Kampgrounds of America
•Visit KOA’s web site for more information
•Nationwide network of full service campgrounds
•Offer itineraries for motorhome, tent and Kamping Kabin travel

May offer the following services and amenities:
•White water rafting
•horseback riding
•ranch experiences
•Kamping Kabins include beds, mattresses, lockable doors, and electric lights
•You may order equipment packages from KOA
•Personal packs of bedding, pillows, pillow cases, towels, washcloths
•Kitchen kits of a campstove, cooler, lantern, cooking and eating utensils.


Dude and Guest Ranches are located throughout the region and offer a surprising variety of stays. Many require a minimum stay of three days to a week and most include all meals and activities. There are generally three classifications of ranches: ranch resorts, dude ranches, and guest ranches.
Below are the types of amenities each type of Ranch may offer:

Ranch Resorts
•Swimming pools
•Tennis courts
•Gourmet food
•Luxury accommodations
•Horseback riding
•Ranch activities

Dude Ranches

•Many require a minimum stay of a week
•Trail rides
•Freshly prepared food
Guest Ranches
•Shorter stay than Dude Ranches
•Trail rides
•Freshly prepared food


•Most are located in or near National Forests
•Relaxed accommodations
•Minimum stay
•All inclusive
•Horseback riding

Many ranches and lodges book through tour operators in Europe and you can book directly through these operators or you can contact specific ranches and lodges directly via phone and fax. Listings for individual guest ranches and lodges are located in the directory of the Real America Guide that you can order here.

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