Big Sheep Creek Back Country Byway



The Big Sheep Creek Back Country Byway is a scenic drive through the backcountry of southwestern Montana. The 50 mile two-lane gravel road with a short stretch of one-lane dirt surface can be safely driven from May through early October. Once past the canyons of the Tendoy Mountains, the traveler may pass only two or three cars along the entire route. Passing beneath the high rock cliffs of Big Sheep Canyon, one can look down into clear, deep pools of spring-fed Big Sheep Creek. Perhaps nowhere else in America can one see so many trout without leaving the car. Bighorn sheep and deer are a common sight in the evenings. The Byway provides one with the opportunity to see this country as it was experienced by prehistoric Indians and the first mountain men. The Rocky Mountains have hidden this southernmost point of Montana well, and it remains unchanged for those willing to explore the back country. There are no services available along the Byway route, plan accordingly. Fences are encountered along the route, please shut the gate after you go through. The Bureau of Land Management warns that portions of the road are impassable when wet.