St. Joe River Scenic Byway



Your journey begins at the town of St. Maries where tug boats still ply the water. East you travel along the shadowy St. Joe River so named for the towering Cottonwoods which adorn the shore lines. Among these trees are bald eagles and osprey, which use the trees as nesting sites and perches where they launch themselves to pick up dinner from the feast provided by "The Joe." As you travel the first half of the byway the river is deep and still with picturesque mountain landscapes that are captured on the watery canvas.

At St. Joe City "The Joe" becomes shallower and starts to talk to you as it flows through rapids. The water is faster here and clear, so clear that you can catch Dolly Vardins, rainbow, cutthroat and other species of trout. All along the river adventure awaits you, at Marble Creek interpretive center tour the logging display, in Avery stop in and see the trout pond, where giant rainbow trout rise to your offerings. Visit the historic railroad depot and the refurbished sleeper/dining car.

Wildlife abounds along the river's edge, where deer, elk, moose and bear can be seen. The St. Joe River Scenic Byway is truly a recreational treasure, with something for everyone.