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Need a place to go get a drink after a long day? No problem. The Real America region has countless bars, pubs, saloons, and clubs for you to enjoy while here, all with local flavor and unique brews. Check out the list below for more information.


Casper, Wyoming

992 N. Poplar St.
Casper, WY 82601

Toll Free: (800) 852.1889
Phone: (307) 234.5362
Fax: (307) 261.9928
Email: [email protected]


WHEN THE DAY CLOSES WITH A MAGNIFICENT WESTERN sunset on the horizon, the night is just beginning at Casper's clubs, bars, and restaurants! What's your poison? Maybe it's a night of comedy ... a live band ... a DJ at the turntables with a mixologist behind the bar ... a film followed by a discussion at a late-night cyber-café ... a romantic dinner for two. Whatever your idea of night-time fun, Casper has it!  

Casper's active seasonal events include live outdoor concerts and films, professional theatre and entertainment including the Best of Broadway national tours, special culinary courses, and enjoy the witching hour with a ghost tour of the historic downtown.

So if the night is still young—just like your spirit-—let Casper see you through ‘till the break of dawn!  To find out more about Casper's entertainment, go online to


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