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Rocky Mountain International (RMI) was formed in 1990 and coordinates international tourism activities for the state tourism departments of Idaho, Montana, South Dakota and Wyoming - The Real America - as a region. In its 20th year of existence, RMI is a committed to promoting international tourism activities for the region.Rocky Mountain International

In addition to the states we represent, RMI is partnered with the Gateway Cities of Chicago, Denver and Minneapolis/St. Paul/Bloomington making the region easily accessible. Other marketing partners include the Visit Cheyenne, Rapid City CVB, Yellowstone National Park Lodges, Buffalo Bill's Cody/Yellowstone Country, Mall of America and Soutwest Idaho Travel Association.

The RMI Headquarters are in Cheyenne, Wyoming with European offices in Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France, and The Netherlands.


  • Market and promote the northern Rocky Mountain states/region as a legitimate international destination.
  • Provide a cost-effective way for states without large tourism budgets to become major players in the international travel marketplace through pooling of limited fund and private sector partnerships.
  • Provide a structure that still allow individual states and entities to promote their unique products and features.
  • Provide overseas on-site offices and contract personnel in target markets to represent the region and implement a well-defined and accountable marketing program.
  • Implement programs that create opportunities for private sector suppliers to do business and grow the tourism economy within their state and region.


  • Maintain five European offices that represent the region
    - London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Milan, Paris
  • Produce a multi-language web site:
    - Excellent travel resource, translated into four languages
  • Distribute state marketing materials to trade, press and consumers
    - Fulfill inquiries quickly in a cost-effective manner
  • Attend European travel shows and conduct sales missions
    - Includes presence at vital shows such as WTM (UK) and ITB (Germany)
  • Coordinate trade and press Familiarization Tours in the RMI region
    - Includes annual Mega-Fam for 40+ European tour operators
  • Host annual RMI Roundup for suppliers and European tour operators
    - Highly effective marketplaces for regional product development
  • Compile TRIP (Tour Research Inventory Product) Reports - online inventory of regional product available
    - Annual measurement of rooms available in tour operator brochures
  • Maintain online databases for tour operators, media, and suppliers
    - Includes all contact information and relationship history
  • Produce quarterly e-newsletters and annual marketing report
    - Suppliers and international press and trade stay in touch with RMI activities
  • Corporate Sponsorships and Partnerships
    - Comp rooms, discount airfare for fams and Roundup, rental car assistance
  • Travel Trade and Media Liaison
    - Work closely with trade and media to provide accurate information on region


  • Overseas Offices
    It was quickly recognized that to be effective in our target markets, RMI needed high-quality, dedicated professionals on the ground in Germany, UK, Italy, The Netherlands, and France.
  • Partnerships
    The region continues to expand its prestige, accessibility and attractiveness because of strategic partnerships with Gateway Cities (Chicago, Denver and Minneapolis/St. Paul/Bloomington), as well as RMI marketing partners (Rapid City CVB, Visit Cheyenne, Mall of America, SWITA, Buffalo Bill's Cody/Yellowstone Country, and Yellowstone National Park Lodges).
  • Communications
    RMI has created a website travel resourse ( that has grown in visitation every year since creation and distributes an e-newsletter each quarter.


  • European tourists spend an average of $1,982 per trip to the US and stay for 14 days.
  • Europeans have, on average, 5-6 weeks of vacation time, plus up to 16 annual paid public holidays.
  • Despite occasional political differences, they love America and what it stands for.
  • They are more likely to visit during "shoulder" or off-peak seasons than domestic travelers.
  • They are willing to visit "off-the-beaten-path" rural attractions and destinations.
  • Overseas visitation is a hedge against volatile domestic and Canadian market swings.
  • Our detriments (lack of population, rural access) are often viewed as benefits to a world seeking out green and open destinations.
  • International guests enhance the experience for domestic visitors and create additional perceived value.
  • The value of the Euro against the US dollar currently makes the US very affordable for many visitors.