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Rocky Mountain International (RMI) was formed in 1990 and coordinates international tourism activities for the state tourism departments of Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana, and Idaho - The Real America - as a region. In it's 19th year of existence, RMI is a committed to promoting international tourism activities for the region.Rocky Mountain International

In addition to the states we represent, RMI is partnered with the Gateway Cities of Denver, Minneapolis/St. Paul/Bloomington, and Salt Lake City making the region easily accessible.

The RMI Headquarters are in Cheyenne, Wyoming with European offices in Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France, and The Netherlands.

RMI Strategic Goals

  • Market and promote the northern Rocky Mountain states/region as a legitimate international destination.
  • Provide a cost-effective way for states without large tourism budgets to become major players in the international travel marketplace through pooling of limited fund and private sector partnerships.
  • Provide a structure that still allow individual states and entities to promote their unique products and features.
  • Provide overseas on-site offices and contract personnel in target markets to represent the region and implement a well-defined and accountable marketing program.
  • Implement programs that create opportunities for private sector suppliers to do business and grow the tourism economy within their state and region.

Current RMI Services

  • Maintain five European offices that represent the region
    - London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Milan, Paris
  • Produce a multi-language web site:
    - Excellent travel resource, 165,000 unique visitors per year
  • Distribute state marketing materials to trade, press and consumers
    - Fulfill inquiries quickly in a cost-effective manner
  • Attend European travel shows and conduct sales missions
    - Includes presence at vital shows such as WTM (UK) and ITB (Germany)
  • Coordinate trade and press Familiarization Tours in the RMI region
    - Includes annual Mega-Fam for 40+ European tour operators
  • Host annual RMI Roundup for suppliers and European tour operators
    - Highly effective marketplaces for regional product development
  • Compile TRIP (Tour Research Inventory Product) Reports - online inventory of regional product available
    - Annual measurement of rooms available in tour operator brochures
  • Maintain online databases for tour operators, media, and suppliers
    - Includes all contact information and relationship history
  • Produce quarterly e-newsletters and annual marketing report
    - Suppliers and international press and trade stay in touch with RMI activities
  • Corporate Sponsorships and Partnerships
    - Comp rooms, discount airfare for fams and Roundup, rental car assistance
  • Travel Trade and Media Liaison
    - Work closely with trade and media to provide accurate information on region

How does RMI Promote the Real America Region?

  • Overseas Offices
    It was quickly recognized that to be effective in our target markets, RMI needed high-quality, dedicated professionals on the ground in Germany, UK, Italy, The Netherlands, and France.
  • Partnerships
    The region continues to expand its prestige, accessibility and attractiveness because of strategic partnerships with Gateway Cities (Denver, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis/St. Paul/Bloomington), as well as RMI marketing partners (Rapid City CVB, Buffalo Bill's Cody/Yellowstone Country, and Xanterra Parks and Resorts).
  • Communications
    Since RMI's Inception, its portfolio of publications (The Real America Guide) has grown from 50,000 to 75,000 in circulation and from two to four languages. In addition, RMI has created a web version of the guide ( that has grown in visitation every year since creation.

Why Europe?

  • European tourists spend an average of $1,982 per trip to the US and stay for 14 days.
  • Europeans have, on average, 5-6 weeks of vacation time, plus up to 16 annual paid public holidays.
  • Despite occasional political differences, they love America and what it stands for.
  • They are more likely to visit during "shoulder" or off-peak seasons than domestic travelers.
  • They are willing to visit "off-the-beaten-path" rural attractions and destinations.
  • Overseas visitation is a hedge against volatile domestic and Canadian market swings.
  • Our detriments (lack of population, rural access) are often viewed as benefits to a world seeking out green and open destinations.
  • International guests enhance the experience for domestic visitors and create additional perceived value.
  • The value of the Euro against the US dollar currently makes the US very affordable for many visitors.