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About Rocky Mountain International

Rocky Mountain International coordinates international tourism activities for the state tourism departments of Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho —The Real America— as a region.

We know that most visitors wisely choose to see our part of America not as four individual states but as a region filled with an exciting variety of sights, experiences and destinations.

Devils Tower, Flaming Gorge, Buffalo Bill’s Cody Country, Coeur d’Alene, Little Big Horn, Wild Bill’s Deadwood, Charlie Russell’s Montana, Ernest Hemingway’s Ketchum, Rapid City, dude ranches, American Indians, rodeos, outdoor adventure, world-class skiing and snowmobiling, wide-open spaces, friendly people and America’s frontier heritage. You can access the region via RMI’s Gateway Cities of Denver, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Salt Lake City and Spokane.

The region is BIG. It stretches over 400,000 square miles (over 1 million Square KM) but holds less than 3 million people. That works out to less than 3 people per square kilometer. Montana alone is roughly the size of Germany. In many areas, there is more wildlife than people. It stretches across three different time zones.

As more and more international visitors are discovering every year, there is a lot to do and see in a place this big. So much in fact, that they choose to come back again, and again to the Real America!

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